What is Autsim

Signs to look out for.

Is Your Child a climber: a child who climbs on any wall, tv, or balcony with no sense of fear?

Does your child look you straight in the eye for communication?

Does the child respond to their name when called?

Do they hold their ears to block out toilet flushes, or noises from the blender?

Do they cover their eyes from bright light? Or hold one eye when watching Tv?

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Our Centre boasts of the best professional therapists who focus on as early intervention tools for positive outcomes in children with autism. So far, ve (5) of our children are transitioning to mainstream schools.

Speech therapy

Occupational Therapy

Applied Behavior Analysis

Play Therapy/Floor time

Tomatis Music Therapy

Special Education

Trusted by 8800 customers

Trusted by 8800 customers

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Autism Statistics

24 %
of Children with Autism are Diagnosed by Age 3
2 %
of Children are Diagnosed with ASD
4 X
More Common Among Boys
66 %
Life-long Care Reduction with Early Intervention
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    Trusted by 8800 customers

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